Paul Stephen

Hello - I have been on the Reiki path for 15 years and teaching Western Lineage Usui Reiki since 2012. I have enjoyed developing my own connection with Reiki and supporting many others on their personal journey.


I always had a feeling there was something missing within the Western teachings; this lead me to become interested in the cultural background of Reiki in Japan and the original teachings.

After several years of research, I was blessed to be able to attend my first Jikiden Reiki seminar more than 2 years ago and since then my understanding of Reiki and its impact has increased enormously.


I am Shihan Kaku and working towards becoming a Shihan soon and I am honoured to be able to teach Shoden Level to students. I’m based in the Gomersal/Morley area near Leeds and offer regular workshops. Please email me if you have any questions and check out my website for more details.

Paul Stephen Contact Details

Tel: 07425143138

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Upcoming workshops

West Yorkshire


October 2019 

Jikiden Reiki Shoden Course:  12th & 13th October 2019

Gomersal West Yorkshire (near Leeds & Bradford)

Please check my website or email for more details

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