Tadao Yamaguchi coming to UK

Tadao Yamaguchi will be teaching Shoden, Okuden and the teacher levels of Jikiden Reiki in the UK in 2020

Course Dates with Tadao Yamaguchi 

SHODEN - Sept 9, 10, 11

OKUDEN - Sept 12, 13

SHIHANKAKU - Sept 14, 15

SHIHAN - Sept 15, 16


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Recommended Reading

Light on the Origins of Reiki 

by Tadao Yamaguchi


The Hayashi Reiki Manual

by Tadao Yamaguchi and Frank Arjava Petter

Reiki and Japan

by Masaki Nishina

This is Reiki

by Frank Arjava Petter

The Essence of Shinto 

by Motohisa Yamakage

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