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Carole Dawson

Hello and thank you for dropping by to read my info!


I feel privileged to be part of the authentic and simple art of Jikiden Reiki, after a lifetime of being drawn to all things Eastern. Having Japanese friends, I have had amazing opportunities to visit Japan and experience its culture and also to visit Mount Kurama where Usui Reiki began. This deepened my connection further.


I have been a Natural Therapist in the North of England since 1989, practicing Reflexology initially. I discovered Reiki in 1995 when I had a very short treatment with powerful results, which was the spark that ignited my interest in becoming a Western Reiki practitioner and subsequently a Reiki Master / teacher.

Jikiden Reiki came into my life in 2012 after reading Tadao Yamaguchis book recommended to me by a friend. We travelled together to Edinburgh to take the Shoden course with Mr Yamaguchi and I loved its authentic nature and natural style. My interest grew and I continued my training with Mr Yamaguchi to enable me to teach Jikiden Reiki to others.

Carole Dawson Contact Details

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Phone: 07800 985 292 / 01325 310758


Upcoming workshops

Shoden 2019

 April 6th & 7th (Sat & Sun) Ginger Tree, Aske Stables, Richmond N. Yorks

May (Date to be arranged) Barra, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

June 8th & 9th  Richmond N. Yorks

June 22 & 23 Richmond N Yorks DL10 5HG

Sat & Sun 7th & 8th September  Richmond North Yorkshire

Sat/Sun 16/17th November Richmond N. Yorks

Okuden 2019

March 10th   Richmond N. Yorks

Sun. 14th April Ginger Tree, Aske Stables, Richmond N. Yorks

      May (date to be arranged) Barra, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

June16th  Richmond N.Yorks

Sunday 4th August  Richmond North Yorkshire

Sun 15th Sept Richmond N. Yorks
Sun 24th Nov Richmond N. Yorks


Please note: I run Jikiden Reiki courses in other areas on request provided there are four or more students.

Extra dates could be added so please check back or email for an update, thank you