What people say about Jikiden Reiki...

"Japan is my favourite country so I have been there many times and I think I was very lucky to encounter Jikiden Reiki there. I am very grateful to those who have passed on Jikiden Reiki, it has made me realise how much effort the people who wanted to learn Reiki in Dr Hayashi’s time must have made. Learning the concept of Byosen will be of the greatest benefit from my future treatments. Since I learned Jikiden Reiki, my patients have given me very positive feedback saying that the Reiki I give them has become much stronger than before."

Sandy, England

“I practice Reiki most days, usually on my relatives and co-workers. I have found that with my colleagues especially there have been significant results. 

One of my colleagues had pains in her back, down her spine. The pain increased during the night while she was trying to sleep.   After 2 or 3 Reiki treatments the pain disappeared! It is now a few months on and she has had no repeat of the pain at all.

Something very similar happened with another colleague who had pains in her upper back radiating down to her right hand. Again, after 2 or 3 Jikiden Reiki treatments the pain disappeared and has not returned.

My mother has suffered from problems with her legs; she had a lot of pain in her knees making it difficult to walk. I have given her Jikiden Reiki treatments and now she does not use any medicine and she can walk free from pain. She still has stiff legs though so I am continuing to treat her and I hope that the Reiki can help her more.

Recently I have started to treat my father as well and I hope that he will benefit as much as the other people I have treated.”

                                                                                    Daina, Latvia

I had a life-changing experience with Jikiden Reiki.  My name is Jelina, I'm from the Netherlands and live in Fukuoka, Japan.

I heard about Reiki several times and I was curious to know more about it, then I discovered that Reiki originated in Japan. So, living in Japan there was a great opportunity to go back to the roots of Reiki.

I attended the Jikiden Reiki seminar in Kyoto, it was an impressive learning experience, especially meeting the mother of Mr. Yamaguchi, the honourable Reiki-master. Sadly since then she has passed away.

The course was an intensive 3 days and was attended by people from all overthe world. The energy of the group was very powerful and an emotional experience.

For myself I have a medical background and it's a fascinating experience to help other people and yourself in the purest form without tools and medicines. It was a real eye opener.

Since the course I have been practising daily; my children, husband, friends and family have all benefitted from Reiki 

Trying to follow the five principles of Reiki has changed my life.

                                                                       Jelina Staarman, Holland

“In the seminar, while receiving attunements, I felt my body was subtly moving around. Mr. Yamaguchi told me that it is my body’s way of trying to adjust any misalignments and often happens. It was quite a new experience for me.

And I want to talk about a somewhat mysterious experience. While I was listening to the lecture in the seminar, I heard a strange noise inside my mouth. A couple of days later, very suddenly, the crown covering the tooth came out. It was not painful and there was no bleeding. When I consulted a dentist, I discovered that the gum was seriously damaged. I believe that the power of Reiki enabled me to find this problem before it was too late.

As a whole, the seminar was quite meaningful and educational to me and I have found since that I am able to think much more positively! 

I would like to use Jikiden Reiki actively in aromatherapy massage. The combination of Jikiden Reiki and aromatherapy would produce wonderful results for people who need help.

I would also like to have another chance to join the seminar in the not too distant future.”

                                                                 Kyoko Ito, Hong Kong